Don’t get sent to the Department of Redundancy Department

I blogged at Live, Write, Thrive on Redundancy in writing. Here’s an excerpt:

“We get it.” I type those words often in my clients’ manuscripts. And when I see a lot of redundancy in their books, I’ve been known to simply type “DRD” in the comment box. Department of Redundancy Department—a great Monty Python line.

So many writers fall into this trap. They think of a few different ways to say the same thing, and they really like every one of their choices. They must, because they leave them all in. The quickest way to slow down your manuscript is to be redundant. It’s . . . how shall I say this? Boring.

Another great way to muddle your prose is to use lots of “ing” words and lots of adverbs rather than choose the one perfect word for the situation. One strong verb is better than two or three weak verbs with those little “ly” words tacked on for good measure. How do we clean up our sloppy prose so it’s both clear and riveting?

Read the rest at Live, Write, Thrive. 


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