Novelists: Creating Tension Wherever we Go


I’m blogging at Writers on the Storm today about creating tension. Here’s an excerpt:

Next month, June, is “conflict month” at Writers on the Storm, but around my house, every month is conflict month. With three teenagers, a hard-working husband, a creative (a.k.a. crazy) wife, an eager dog, and a cat that disdains us all, can you imagine why? Yes, I have a lot of experience with conflicts of every sort. The big conflicts make our lives interesting—though I do prefer when they stay in my stories, thank you very much.

But today, I don’t want to talk about the big stuff. This conflict is so much smaller, I’m going to assign it a different name entirely: tension.

Tension: inner unrest, striving, or imbalance :  a feeling of psychological stress often manifested by increased muscular tonus and by other physiological indicators of emotion.*

“Increased muscular tonus.” Ever felt like clenching? Yeah, that’s tension.

Stop by Writers on the Storm to read the rest. I’ll look forward to seeing you there!


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